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Jeffrey Hunt-Area Director

Jeff Hunt has been living in Montgomery County since 1991 and has been married to Sandy for 21 years and they have two sons, Dylan (20) attending UMD and Blake (18) a recent graduate from Clarksburg HS. His dog and two cats also keep his family busy.  

He originally got involved with FCA wanting to be a character coach but then moved on to serve for 5 - 6 years on the leadership advisory board for MoCo.

Jeff has been an entrepreneur his entire life and prior to coming on staff with FCA, he had been running an executive coaching and business consulting company. He is deeply aware of the influences that coaching relationships bring to players and their personal development.

Jeff has played several different sports in high school throughout his adult life and coached his sons until their ability level surpassed his coaching abilities. : )

"As I come on as a full-time staff member, my heart and passions lie with the coaches and athletes here in MoCo and I am excited to see how GOD will use the gifts with which He has blessed me. GOD has already built an incredible foundation in staff and infrastructure here and I am excited and honored to be a part of His big plans."

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Taylor Rollo-Area Representative

Taylor Rollo grew up in a small town in Southern, OH and became a Christian at a very young age. Later, at the age of 16, she felt the Lord leading her towards full-time ministry. As the years have passed, Taylor has had the opportunity to work with numerous ministries including camp ministry, youth ministry, and foreign missions.

While attending Liberty University, she met the love of her life and was married to Andrew Rollo on May 10, 2014. It was this transition that brought her to Montgomery County, MD and allowed her to be reintroduced to FCA. Taylor has had a love for sports her whole life and competed in basketball, volleyball, and track and field from Middle School through her High School years.

The vision of FCA to reach coaches and athletes with the Gospel of Jesus Christ resonated with her and she immediately recognized what an impactful thing she had missed out on with the absence of an FCA huddle in her High School. She is honored to be a part of the Montgomery County FCA team as an Area Representative and have the opportunity to be used by God to reach those in the sports communities

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Christine Seager-Administrative Assistant

Christine joined the FCA staff in May of 2013.  She and her family have been involved in FCA for many years. All of her children have attended Power Camp and some have been huddle leaders. Her son Matthew serves as one of the leaders at the Rocky Hill Middle huddle and her daughter Alyssa is currently playing in an FCA Field Hockey League. Christine has enjoyed serving at camps and being a part of the annual banquet. FCA has been a huge blessing to Christine and her entire family in so many ways.  She and her husband Colin live in Germantown with their six children.

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Sarah Lokos-Area Representative

Sarah Lokos grew up in Damascus, Maryland and became a Christian at a very young age. Her family has been involved in FCA for many years, but it wasn’t until her freshman year of college that she became involved in FCA herself. 

 Sarah started doing gymnastics at the age of 4. After graduating high school, she attended the University of Minnesota with a full athletic scholarship where she became involved in an FCA Bible study on campus. However, during the fall of her freshman year, she was medically disqualified because of an ankle injury and was unable to continue doing gymnastics. It was at this point that Sarah realized she was completely lost. Without her sport, she didn’t know who she was. Through friends and speakers at FCA, she began to realize the importance of finding your identity in Christ and not in what you do and the sports you play.

 She recently graduated Messiah College and is excited to take on her new role as a FCA area representative. Sarah would not be where she is without the love of teammates who invited her to FCA. God has given her a heart for serving the athletes and coaches in Montgomery County in the same way she was served.

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Michael Icenhower-Prospective Staff

Mikey Icenhower was born in a small town in West Virginia to a family with strong Christian values.  At an early age, he accepted Christ through the Awana program at his grandparent’schurch.  

When he was 6 years old, his family moved to Montgomery County, where he remained active in his church youth group as a regular attender, serving on the student leadership council, and mentoring younger students. Mikey attended Watkins Mill High School where he played football, baseball, and volleyball.  He assisted in starting a FCA huddle during his Jr. year. 

After graduation, Mikey attended Shepherd University where he majored in Recreation & Leisure studies with a concentration in Athletic Coaching.  While at Shepherd, Mikey worked with the football team as a member of the support staff.  It was while working with the team that he was re-introduced to FCA and the affect it was having on the Shepherd campus.  Seeing the athlete’s post-practice prayer circles, hearing the testimonies of the players, and watching the athlete’s sharing their faiththrough their service, reemphasized to Mikey the importance of utilizing the sports platform to witness to those around campus.  This was something he began to develop a growing passion for.  During his final year of college, Mikey began to look for ways he could share his faith through his love of sports.  FCA has provided that opportunity and he is excited to see what God has in store for Montgomery County through FCA.

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